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Presbyopia Correcting IOLs

Presbyopia is a condition that most people over the age of 40 experience that results in difficulty seeing up close without the aid of bifocals, trifocals, or reading glasses. This age-related condition is believed to be caused by a hardening of the lens inside the eye, making it difficult for the eye’s muscles to change its focus.

Over time, the lens becomes cloudy and develops into a cataract. It is said that, if we live long enough, everyone will develop cataracts. The only way to treat cataracts is to remove and replace them with Intraocular Lenses (IOLs).

Presbyopia diagram

Until recently, the primary option was to receive a “fixed focus” IOL. Patients who received this type of IOL typically had both eyes corrected for distant vision but usually still required glasses for intermediate and near vision.

If you are experiencing presbyopia or cataracts, you may be a candidate for one of the new technologically-advanced IOLs that can provide a full range of vision. This means that you would be able to read and see clearly in the distance, close up, and everything in-between, with little or no dependence on bifocals, trifocals, or contact lenses.